Year 2’s Amazing Rainforest Trip!

Wow! What an amazing school trip year 2 went on this week! As our topic this term is Rainforests we started with a visit to The Living Rainforest and it was a great way to start us off! We walked through two giant greenhouses full of tropical plants and flowers. It was certainly hot and humid in there and we had to adapt to our environment and take our jumpers off! We spotted monkeys, an armadillo, a toucan, a sloth, lots of roulroul partridges, agouti, snakes, a tarantula called Godzilla, hissing cockroaches, poison arrow frogs and a pair of very noisy turacos!  We learnt all about the important foods we get from the rainforest like vanilla, coffee, cocoa and ginger. Now we are inspired to delve deeper into our topic to discover more about AMAZING RAINFORESTS!