Litter, Litter, Litter

Whale class have become concerned about the amount and types of litter that they are noticing on the approach road up to the main school gate. They are worried about how much Murphy manages to pick up and often eat on his way to and from school. This week Murphy had to have a day off because he has had an upset tummy!

Today we went to see how bad the situation has got and we were shocked. We found lots of litter including bits of plastic, glass bottles, yogurt tubes, old socks, old gloves, tin foil, crisp packets, chocolate and sweet wrappers, craft projects that should be taken home, Christmas decorations and even a packet of headache tablets.

We decided the driveway looked very untidy and we are very concerned about the health of ALL the wildlife that live in our community. We have reported our findings and shown our HUGE bag of rubbish in assembly so hopefully everyone will work harder to keep Petersgate Infant School a  tidy, healthy and clean place to be.

Thank you.