Design Technology

Design Technology

DT is taught progressively throughout the school. Children are shown how to use tools and equipment safely and to create their own designs. We use the plans from the D&T Association to support our units. Each Year group completes a DT project each term, with cooking on-going all year!

It is firmly embedded in the curriculum and helps to provide a practical aspect to the different topics the children experience throughout the year.

Because we are part of ‘The Grow it Cook it’ Open Futures Scheme the school has its own garden where the children learn how to grow vegetables and other plants. They then use these to create wonderful dishes.  They are taught how to use a knife and other equipment safely in the kitchen. We cook and garden in every year group and each class is able to access this every fortnight because we have a fantastic member of staff Mrs Martin who teaches this!

Exploring, Making and Creating in Early Years……..

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In Year 1 we Cook, Garden, make moving Space pictures using Sliders & Levers and Freestanding Structures….(Coming up in Summer!!)

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In Year 2 we Cook, Garden, make Castle Carts to carry vegetables, using wheels and axles and  create creatures Darwin discovered using textiles!


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