At Petersgate children have access to class computers, laptops and ipads all connected to a wireless network. Children log in independently and are able to save, edit and retrieve work from their own individual folders.

Our children enjoy using cameras, recording devices, digital microscopes, remote control vehicles, walkie talkies and so much more all of which are an integral part of their learning.

We also use online software packages to support learning.

Please take time to look at our computing policy (in the policies section on this website) to find out more.

At Petersgate we ensure our children learn about eSafety. A useful site which can give you all the information you need is:

Here are some useful information leaflets to hep you keep your children safe online at home.

pdfs-cyberbullying factsheet



pdfs-inappropriate websites – factsheet

taking control

Version 5 of Parents and Carers Check List

pdfs-grooming factsheet